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Acoustic Design

We offer a wide range of design services to achieve the acoustic requirements for your space. This includes sound insulation (soundproofing), noise control as well as reverberation control etc.

Our acoustic specialists strive to create functional and aesthetically-pleasing designs to suit your purpose, applying their years of knowledge and experience to create the most comfortable acoustic environments.

With High performance Audio Calibration done by our THX certified consultants, you will be ensured full performance of your audio system working in harmony with the acoustic treatment.



Our team of project managers, site supervisors, safety officers and builders will assure that your project will be aesthetically pleasing, completed according to specifications and meeting deadline.

We take pride in every project, creating perfect sound space with most appropriate acoustic treatments for:

Theatres, Cinemas, Tv and Music Studios, Auditoriums, Commercial Venues, Performing Centers, Conference Rooms, Offices, Restaurants, Industrial Environments, Houses of Worship and etc.