Acoustic Field Testing and Measurement

Sound Insulation Testing

Sound Insulation testing is necessary to ensure the completed build has achieved an acceptable level of airborne and/ or impact sound insulation performance.

Our field tests measure the sound insulation properties of building elements, such as wall, façade, door, windows, glazing, partition, ceiling etc. on-site in accordance to ISO and ASTM standards.


Noise Survey and Assessment

Noise Surveys are required to ensure compliance to local regulations and building codes. They help to determine the noise impact of a new development (eg. bus interchange or entertainment venue) and new industrial installations (eg. condenser or extraction systems) to the surrounding areas.

Our surveys measure the existing noise conditions and predict the potential impact on the surrounding areas as a result of the new development. This is done via engineering methods in accordance to ISO or UK standards as well as software simulations.

Room Acoustic Testing

Room Acoustic Tests are necessary to measure and determine the acoustical quality for its intended purpose and comfort of the room for its users.

Our tests could include Reverberation (RT60), Speech Intelligibility (STI) and background noises (NC/ NR) etc. performed in accordance to ISO or other international standards.

Building and Room Acoustic Design

We offer a wide range of design services to achieve the acoustic requirements for your space. This includes sound insulation (soundproofing), noise control as well as reverberation control etc.

Our acoustic specialists strive to create functional and aesthetically-pleasing designs to suit your purpose, applying their years of knowledge and experience to create the most comfortable acoustic environments.


Acoustic Simulation & Prediction Services

Room Acoustics 

It is important to predict the room acoustics before the actual construction to get a sense of how the collective elements contribute to the room acoustics and help in decision-making.

We are able to perform the simulation for room acoustics, auditorium acoustics and industrial noise control via computer software and engineering methods. We can predict the reverberation times, sound field, speech intelligibility and other common acoustic parameters for rooms such as classroom, sports hall, theater, etc. as well as auralisation to provide a simulation of how the room will sound with a particular sound source.

Electro-Acoustic System Design, Tuning & Optimisation

Both the room and its sound system have to be designed and tuned properly to ensure the best performance and to the preferences of its users. This is usually required for:

Recording, mixing and mastering studios, concert halls, auditoriums, houses of worship, home hi fi / theatres, commercial cinemas and performance venues.


Turnkey Solutions

To ensure the optimal quality and cost/performance ratio, turnkey solutions are sometimes necessary. Our team of specialists will work together to provide a total solution package for your space, considering every detail and element so that they all work together to achieve the highest possible standard for your budget.